How to Make Online Music Videos

Create a one-of-a-kind music video that captures the tune in your head. Post on YouTube and TikTok to reach a huge audience.

Add dynamic texts and cool effects. Easily synchronize audio and storyboard visuals via simple drag-and-drops. Make lyric videos and music visualizers in minutes.

Use advanced editing tools to fine-tune your creation. Make your online music video look as professional as possible.

Create a Storyboard

Storyboarding is a crucial step in making a music video. It allows you to visualize the video and ensures that the plot lines are flowing properly. It also makes it easier for anyone working on the video to understand your vision.

A storyboard can be done on paper or with software such as Wondershare Filmora. It can be as detailed as a traditional storyboard or as simple as a thumbnail. Using directional arrows and labeling different elements of the scene can help you make your video clearer. It can also save time as you do not have to worry about drawing every single frame of the shot.

The pace of the video should match the tempo of the song. A fast-paced song will require more frame changes and faster movement. This will keep the viewer engaged and prevent them from losing interest. A storyboard can help you establish the right pace and will be helpful in planning your shots.


Music videos can work like short films, telling a story that isn’t necessarily about the song itself. Some use complex animations while others simply showcase the band performing live in a scenic location. Whatever the style, all music videos require a few key elements:

Plan your shoot with a shot list or a mood board. This can be a collection of photographs, fabrics, artwork — anything that helps convey your vision to crew and cast members involved in your video. A shot list is particularly helpful in ensuring that you don’t miss any shots on your day of filming.

Then, film your video. Try to stick to one location, as this will minimize the amount of time and effort you’ll need to spend transporting your equipment between locations. And, remember to bring extra batteries for the camera, and a portable charger for your mobile phone (if it’s recording audio).


Make a music video online with a full suite of intuitive editing tools. Easily sync audio and video automatically, add music visualizers or create a lyric video, all in one place.

Edit your videos with a flexible timeline, fast trimming tools, and customizable cropping options. Easily adjust video clip speed to match the beat of your song. Try out cool transition effects or even use a text animator to make your music video look professional.

Kizoa also offers easy color correction and video stabilization tools. You can apply different color schemes to your music video or choose a specific look for all your clips. For example, you might want to keep the live performance footage in color but have all the supplementary shots in black-and-white. Try out different combinations of clips to find the best mix for your song. Make sure all your video clips fit together by using picture-in-picture and video collage effects. Add title graphics to your music video and finish off with a professional-looking credits sequence.


When you’re happy with your music video, share it to YouTube and Facebook in one click. You can also download your project to a local file and use it on any computer.

Then, give your music a unique look with our awesome text templates and effects. Choose from stylish CTAs, social media buttons (like ‘subscribe’ or ’follow’), icons and emojis, lower-thirds and more to help boost your reach.

Weave together footage to produce a unique video that will wow your loyal fans and attract new ones. Create a lyric video with our stunning fonts to perfectly match your theme and message. All in a simple online editor that works right inside your browser, no experience required. VEED is a powerful yet clean tool for making awesome music videos, explainers, product demos and much more. It supports audio, video and images at the same time, all editable with a neat and organised interface.

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